20ml Espresso Silver Coffee Tamper 58mm Stainless Steel Base

Price: $66.00

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The 20ml Espresso Silver Tamper is a professional coffee tamper featuring an aluminium handle, a flat 58mm stainless steel base and a rubber a grip above the base making it very comfortable for repetitive use.

To achieve an even extraction it is important to tamp level and with consistent pressure: this can be achieved with the 20ml Espresso Tamper as it was designed with the Barista in mind.

It is well balanced, has an ergonomic handle and a rubber grip above the base making it the perfect choice for every barista.

Product Dimensions 

Packaging: 1 complete tamper with a tamper seat per box

Diameter: 58 mm *

* The Coffee Tamper is only suited to coffee filter baskets which are no smaller than 58 mm in diameter. Ideally this tamper  needs to be the right size for your filter basket. If the tamper is too big, it won’t fit your filter basket; if it’s too small, it will only tamp some of the coffee and you’ll need to tamp several times.

Sirius Coffee recommends that you measure the diameter of your coffee filter basket to ensure that this is the correct size.


There is no warranty covered by Sirius Coffee for purchasing an incorrect tamper size in relation to your filter basket.


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Price: $66.00

Size: + Shipping Chart