About Sirius Coffee

Where does the name Sirius come from?

The name Sirius was given to this business when the co-founder was looking up to the sky one night and pondered what the brightest star in the night sky is called.

Sirius (also called Isis or Sothis) is the name of the brightest star in the night sky. The Sirius System is made up of two stars and the larger of the two is three times the mass of our sun and over ten times as bright, shining with a brilliant blue-white radiance.

Ancient Egyptians believed that Sirius had a tremendous effect upon life on our planet and we hope our coffee products and services have the same effect on our customers.

Australian Local Based Company

Sirius Coffee International Pty Ltd is a proud Melbourne based company entrenched in the rich, passionate and intoxicating world of coffee.

As serious or rather “Sirius” lovers of coffee, we have developed a desire to make a big impact on the coffee market. Sirius Coffee International Pty Ltd is a boutique coffee company. We insist on providing fresh, rich, aromatic coffee blends to meet the needs of any serious coffee drinker.

All varieties contain 100% Arabica beans and are sourced from some of the best coffee bean plantations around the world. These plantations are sourced from Africa, South America and Central America. We have faith and confidence in the coffee blends we offer.

Sirius Coffee Showroom

Sirius Coffee International Pty Ltd is not only an online business, but we also have a showroom based in Ashburton, Victoria, Australia which have an extensive line of:

  • Coffee Machines (both domestic and commercial)
  • Coffee Grinders (both domestic and commercial)
  • Coffee Accessories,
  • Coffee Beans and
  • Coffee Capsules.

Why don’t you contact us or phone 0402 488 089 to book an via an appointment and we would be happy to demo and show case the products listed on our website.