African Tanzanian Ara AAA Green Beans


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Grown in Tanzania, the African ARA is a superior AAA coffee bean with a dark green appearance and a huge screen sized bean of 19. This bean has been named ARA as such predominantly due to the huge screen size. 

ARA is associated with the altar on which the gods formed an alliance before going to war with the Titans in Greek mythology. The gods were led by Zeus and the Titans by Atlas. In honour of the gods’ victory, Zeus placed the altar in the sky. In various depictions of the constellation, the Milky Way usually represents the smoke rising from the altar.

This green bean is produces a good cup, is well balanced in body and acidity with pleasant aroma and Earthy

When roasted at medium to slightly dark roast, this produces a bold coffee, creamy body with a crisp finish.

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This is available in:

  • 250 Grams Raw Green Beans ($4.00)
  • 500 Grams Raw Green Beans  ($8.00)
  • 1 Kg Raw Green Beans ($16.00)
  • 5 Kg Raw Green Beans ($80.00)
  • 10 Kg Raw Green Beans ($160.00)
  • 20 Kg Raw Green Beans ($320.00)
  • 30 Kg Raw Green Beans ($480.00)
  • 40 Kg Raw Green Beans ($640.00)
  • 50 Kg Raw Green Beans ($800.00)



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Size: + Shipping Chart