Grounds for Thought Concerning the Expobar Professional Espresso Machine

Founded in 2011, Sirius Coffee is your number one choice for all things coffee in Australia and Southeast Asia. We offer a variety of products including coffee capsules, commercial quantities of fresh roasted coffee, and, all your commercial and domestic coffee machines and grinders. We roast our coffee at the time of your order, so it […]

Making Espresso and the Expobar Commercial Espresso Maker

The making of espresso requires, above all, an adequate machine. Espresso is a highly-concentrated coffee drink that has become very popular in recent years. Espresso was embraced by Italy’s communist government years ago, as an attempt to shorten the world-renowned Italian coffee break. Espresso, although tasty, is anything but efficient. However, for coffee aficionados, espresso-making […]

Where to Purchase a Compak Professional Coffee Grinder

Professional coffee grinding isn’t an Olympic sport, but judging by the sheer amount of attention people everywhere put into making the perfect cup, you might think otherwise. Making great coffee requires more than just willpower, though. It requires preparation, an eye for detail, and of course, the correct tools for the job. When you’re serving […]

Purchase a Compak Coffee Grinder and Change the Way You Brew

If you’re particularly discerning about the equipment that you choose to make coffee with, then you know the difference between a Compak coffee grinder and just about anything else on the market. Compak has been in this business for so long because the products they make are consistently impressive. They’ve been helping people achieve a […]

Upgrade Your Coffee with a MACAP Professional Coffee Grinder

If you make coffee for a living, you’ll need to remain competitive by using the industry’s best tools. You might know everything there is to know about different beans, roasts and blends, but if you’re making all the coffee you serve with second rate tools then that won’t matter. Knowledge alone can’t brew a better […]