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  • Blue Steam Wand Cloth – Cafessi

    A neat little cloth that fits perfectly in your hand to easily and quickly clean steam wands on the go. Made of premium microfiber in a sky blue colour measuring 20 x 20cm. This is a must have ...

    $6.45 $3.45

  • Green Cleaning Cloth – Cafessi

    A versatile cleaning cloth for keeping benchtops, work surfaces and machine exteriors clean as a whistle. Made of premium microfiber in a pistachio green colour measuring 30 x 30cm. This is a ...

    $7.95 $4.95

  • Barista Clip Cloth – Cafessi

    Never lose your cloth again. Perfect for the busy barista, this cloth is rectangular shaped and has a nifty clip to secure the cloth to your belt loop for easy access. Made of premium ...

    $9.95 $7.95

  • Black Microfiber 5 Pack Cloths

    These high quality Black Microfiber barista cloths are perfect for all round use. They can be used for the steam wands, cleaning out the portafilters and wiping down benches. They can also be ...

    $19.95 $12.95

  • Barista Cloth Set – Cafessi

    These high performance cleaning cloths have been thoroughly tested to prove they perform to the highest standard and last the test of time. The set of 4 Cloths includes 1 x Grey Barista Clip ...

    $21.95 $16.95