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Experience Precision With a MACAP Barista Coffee Grinder

Exquisite flavour demands precision. To create the perfect cup of espresso, cafe baristas and restaurateurs require more than quality beans. They instead require careful preparation, transforming coffee into the perfect submission of texture, consistency, and depth. It’s a painstaking process and, without the aid of a decent grinder, it’s also a painful one. Complete control is needed to ensure a lip-smacking cup.

At Sirius Coffee we offer our clients to MACAP barista coffee grinders. These options promise precision, with their unique design allowing operators to quickly adjust their grind levels – ensuring perfectly smooth flavours and textures with every sip. Their large dosers accommodate all filter baskets, while their removable tampers allow for total control. This combines with timed operation functions to deliver quality results.

These results will undoubtedly be appreciated by every caffeine connoisseur – especially when blended with the quality of the burrs. Each MACAP barista coffee grinder features high-speed blades, allowing them to deliver custom grinding solutions and quickly achieve peak flavours. This is ideal for busy commercial environments, enabling operators to create robust cups with ease.

Available features – such as LCD displays, automatic stops, and digital dosing system – promote further convenience, with MACAP barista coffee grinders simplifying the brewing process. No longer struggle with complicated hoppers. Allow us to provide simplicity instead.

To learn more about our MACAP grinders contact Sirius Coffee today via our online form. We’ll promptly respond to any questions or concerns, as well as explain the benefits of the M7D, M7A, MXA, and other grinders.

Contact us today to learn more or click here to view our MACAP product range.

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A MACAP Coffee Grinder Delivers Long-Lasting Value

It’s a sudden, sharp noise – with your coffee grinder whirling toward a pitiful end. You watch, wide-eyed, as it spits out a blend of thick coffee and faint steam. The LCD monitor blinks wildly; the blades spin once more; and then there’s only silence. Your beloved machine is dead, and it only handled a few months of cafe wear-and-tear. You hurry to find your warranty, wanting to make sure you’re adequately protected. You’re not.

Sirius Coffee suggests that you mourn your grinder – and then choose a quality replacement. Since 2013 we’ve provided our cafe clients with the market’s leading brands, allowing them to create exceptional brews with ease. We recognise, however, that constant usage often wreaks havoc on burrs, hoppers, and more. This is why we pair our machines with a one year warranty.


Discover the value of a MACAP coffee grinder. We offer our customers precise brewing, combining elements like digital dosing, static tampers, and fine-grind adjustments. With these elements come a promise of security. Each offers a 12-month parts warranty, inspiring peace-of-mind with every purchase.

No longer fear sudden system failures or burr breakdowns. Each MACAP coffee grinder also provides long-lasting support – with our team authorised to provide repairs, replacements, and servicing. To further promote consumer confidence, each machine has also been thoroughly tested to ensure optimum performance for every commercial venue.

Choose a MACAP coffee grinder to ensure durability, quality, and precision with every cup. Contact us today to learn more or click here to view our MACAP product range.

Discover the MACAP Commercial Coffee Grinder

You love coffee—wait, let’s rephrase that: you need coffee. It’s okay; you can admit it. We all do. If you’re running a cafe or a restaurant, you’re well aware of that fact. Your customers crave coffee just as much as you do. That’s why you want to change the way you make it. No more average instant grocery store blends made in some cheap gadget from your local mall. It’s time to invest in coffee you can savour, and a grinder that will help you get the most out of every cup.

The grinder of choice for most coffee aficionados, of course, is the MACAP Commercial coffee grinder. Used in high-end eateries and coffee shops throughout the world, this exceptional grinder is available in Australia through Sirius Coffee, an Ashburton retailer with a cultivated stock of excellent coffee making equipment. Direct from the European manufacturers, we offer the MACAP Commercial coffee grinder to businesses or private citizens looking for a finer grind. Add to that our one-year warranty on every grinder we sell, and you’re looking at one of the easiest ways to purchase this kind of machine in all of Australia.

When your old grinder just won’t do the trick anymore, purchase a MACAP Commercial coffee grinder from Sirius Coffee. Let us be your Australian solution for all things coffee, and you’ll reap the benefits immediately when you taste the first cup you make with any piece of our equipment.

Contact us today to learn more or click here to view our MACAP product range.

Upgrade Your Coffee with a MACAP Professional Coffee Grinder

If you make coffee for a living, you’ll need to remain competitive by using the industry’s best tools. You might know everything there is to know about different beans, roasts and blends, but if you’re making all the coffee you serve with second rate tools then that won’t matter. Knowledge alone can’t brew a better tasting cup. Make sure that your skills are matched by the quality of your equipment and purchase a MACAP Professional coffee grinder. Used by some of the greatest coffee shops and restaurants in existence, MACAP products are undeniably high end and produce a cup of coffee with a noticeably smoother taste.

If you’re looking for a MACAP Professional coffee grinder in Australia, you’ll want to check out the products offered by Sirius Coffee. Since 2011, we’ve provided some of the industry’s finest products from our store in Ashburton, and we’re trusted by coffee makers from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for a MACAP Professional coffee grinder or any of our products by IberitalCompak and Mazzer, you’ll be able to find them with us, sent fresh from our manufacturers in Europe and bench tested to ensure their reliability.

Don’t let yourself make coffee below your capabilities. Contact Sirius Coffee today and prove to your customers that you’re able to grind beans with the best of them. We’re eager to help you start making coffee like the artisan you are, so get in touch today and experience a better way to brew.