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The Puly Coffee Machine Descaler is designed for removing calcium and scale in home espresso machines.  This 30 gram packet is sized to descale your home coffee machine.

This packet will removes scaled residuals from electric espresso machines, heat exchangers and scaled parts. This is ideal for the maintenance of espresso coffee machines and heat exchangers.

Additionally, periodic use of this product helps prolong the life of your machine and will not corrode metal parts or rubber seals.


Additionally, periodic use of this product helps prolong the life of your machine and will not corrode metal parts or rubber seals.

1. Dissolve contents of Puly sachet in 4 cups of warm water. Pour into water reservoir. Put empty pot and filter basket in place. For espresso machines attach handle and place an empty container below.

2. Turn machine on and begin the brew cycle. Espresso machines, also allow several ounces of Puly solution to flow through the steam pipe (into a container to avoid spray). Discard entire solution once it has passed through your machine.

3. Rinse all components and repeat steps 1 and 2 twice with clean water only. Espresso machines remove handle. You may soak handle and filters in Puly solution then rinse all components with clean water.

Product Specifications

10 X 1 Sachet of Puly Cleaner® Descaler


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Regular Price: $25.00

Sale Price : $20.00

Size: + Shipping Chart