Compak E10 Conic Essential OD Coffee Grinder

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The Compak E10 Conic Essential OD Coffee Grinder is part of the Essential On Demand range. A new and exciting generation of coffee grinders.

This commercial coffee grinder featuring “Parallel System” grind regulator lock,  motor with fan, 3modes, touch control LCD screen and many more features.

The body is made entirely from high quality aluminium with the added benefit of a powerful LCD display.

This coffee grinder is suitable for high volume grinding (15 kilograms of coffee an hour) and offers all the components you need for a precise and intensive grind.

Key Features

Technical Specifications


Product Dimensions(mm):  635 x 215 x 400

Product (Net) Weight: 16.93 Kg

Motor 850 W To 331 RPM

Powerful Motor that allows you to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of the coffee thanks to the cold grinding at low revolutions.

68 mm Conical Burrs

Ensures accurate particle size for Espresso and spectacular productivity: 7 gr in 1.9 seconds. Special pre-wear treatment is applied to ensure optimal performance from the first use. Durability of 1200 Kg.

LCD Display

  • Multilanguage
  • Changing burrs alarm
  • 3 Modes: Pre-selection – Automatic – Instant
  • Refill Button
  • Absolute and relative coffees counting
  • Activate pad and end of service sound
  • Password

Electronic Fan

Incorporates an electronic fan on top of the body that maintains a cool flow of air at all times.

Continuous Micrometrical Adjustment System Parallel

Set the grind point with maximum precision in a very simple and intuitive way. The new Parallel locking system provides an extra level of security ensuring parallel positioning  between burrs at all times.

LED Lighting

Low consumption LED technology, which will allow the final user to have a greater visibility in their working area.

Accurate Dosing

The accurate dosing is achieved for 7 grams in 1.6 seconds. This is the calculated time to the grind point for a cup of espresso coffee 25 ml in 25 seconds. With 7 grams of coffee.

Three Position Switch

Offers total control to the Barista without been necessary to use the electronical system of the grinder.

Adjustable Porta-fork

Perfect fit for the most common portafilter sizes, which also allows for hands-free usage.

Electrical Components Certificate

Certified compliance. According to Directive 2011/65/EU.

Product Code

The product code is E00036.

All Key Features and Technical Specifications outlined above relate to this product only.

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To provide peace of mind, this machine comes with a 12 month Parts Warranty.


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Regular Price: $2,705.00

Sale Price : $2,500.00

Size: + Shipping Chart