Compak R140 Deli Coffee Grinder

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The Compak R140 Deli Coffee Grinder is the latest addition to the Compak range of industrial grinders.

This grinder an extremely fast coffee grinder, ideal for coffee shops, supermarkets and deli’s with large consumption. It is capable of producing up to 2.0 kilograms of ground coffee in as little as one minute, whilst conserving all the qualities of each cup of coffee thanks to the perfect cut of the grinding discs and advanced refrigeration system.

The dials allows the user to select coffee ground from Turkish to French Press using an illuminated and micrometric regulator. It is ideal for self-service points of purchase due to its comfortable and intuitive operation.

Key Features

Technical Specifications

Three Phase Motor 1600W 1400 RPM

Powerful motor that allows you to work tirelessly in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of coffee thanks to the cool grinding technologies.

140 MM Flat Burrs

Ensures the perfect grind profile from the finest Turkish coffee to French Press, Espresso, Mocha, and Filter. Their productivity is unmatched: 1 Kg in 20 seconds. Special treatment is applied to burrs to ensure top quality for 26500 lb of coffee.

Aluminium Grind Adjustment Dial, Made Of Cast Aluminium

Maximum precision is guaranteed with this intuitive control system that allows you to select and configure according to each clients taste.   Grind for brewing the most common methods, from Turkish coffee, to Espresso, Mocha, Filter, Drip, French Press and cupping.

Double Ventilation System

Incorporates one fan under the motor and one on the upper body to help maintain a low temperature in the most demanding situations.

Bag Shaker

Facilitates properly filled coffee bags and prevents matted grounds.  Exit chute extension kit included, which allows for high capacity bags and receptacles, thus adapting to all needs.


Product Dimensions(mm):  775 mm x 230 mm x 380 mm

Product (Net) Weight: 36.4 Kg

Product Code

The product code is R000140. All Key Features and Technical Specifications outlined above relate to this product only.

Promotional Video

For more information regarding the Compak R140 Deli Coffee Grinder, please click on the Compak Promotional Video link below:

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Quick Start Guide Video

For more information regarding a quick start guide to the Compak R140 Deli Coffee Grinder, please click on the Video link below:

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Compak R140 Deli Guide to changing burrs

For more information in changing burrs for the Compak R140 Deli Coffee Grinder, please click on the Video link below:

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To provide peace of mind, this machine comes with a 12 month Parts Warranty.


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Regular Price: $5,130.50

Sale Price : $4,800.00

Size: + Shipping Chart