Nepal Single Origin Organic Coffee Beans


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A fine specialty coffee bean that is: Arabica, 100% organic USDA & EU certified, single origin and shade grown.

These beans grow in the Darjeeling region in Nepal and combined with the ideal growing conditions and soils Nepal produces a superior specialty graded quality in taste and smoothness in the cup.

This Organic Coffee has a very mild acidity, light body and soft-smooth flavour and has delicate floral tones with hints of jasmine and cinnamon.

Partnership with Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd

Sirius Consulting & Advisory T/S Sirius Coffee is ecstatic to partner with Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd. They are an importer of specialty graded Arabica coffee beans who supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters as well as roasted beans to cafes, hotels and individuals Australia wide.

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd are not only an importer however, as they have strong farming ties in Nepal with coffee estates that have been farming for over 20 years and are even setting up a joint venture in Nepal to help other small farmers achieve the same success.

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd are fairer than the fair trade symbol you see everywhere today. They pride themselves on being 100% organic and supplying fully traceable and transparent beans, with a focus on sustainability for the farmer throughout the whole crop to cup process.

Together with the support of local Nepalese people, the result is a fine quality Arabica coffee bean which is carefully grown, cultivated, harvested, sorted and packed with smiles.

Happy Farmer Organics

Coffee Estate in Nepal

This estate is owned by Happy Farmer Organics exclusive partners “Plantec Coffee Estate in Nepal”. The owner & farmer Ujjal Rana has strong family ties to the Darjeeling region, and has been operating this coffee estate for over 20 years. Happy Farmer Organics are lucky enough to have a very strong relationship with the estate which is producing a consistently specialty 85+ Arabica coffee crop.

The farm is located at approximately 1200 metres above sea level just below the snow line, at the foot of the Ganesh Himal mountain range. It is situated on the banks of the snow-fed Trishuli River irrigating the estate’s field & assisting with the washing process of these special beans.

This is presently a 70 hectare coffee plantation in this vast Himalayan belt and is an exclusive producer of this superior quality Himalayan snow melt water washed & shade grown, organic USDA certified & sundried coffee beans. The 100% Caturra Arabica beans are relatively short in height making for easier nurturing and harvest time.


This is available in:

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  • 1.00 Kg
  • Ground or Whole Beans

100% Organic Coffee Certified by USDA & EU

Proudly 100% organic coffee certified by the USDA & EU. No nasty chemicals. All beans are hand picked, washed in Himalayan snow melt water and sorted. The Single Origin Arabica coffee direct from the farmer to you is also specialty coffee graded by the SCA association.

Revolutionary Coffee Roasting

Sirius Coffee International uses a revolutionary roaster which has the capability of roasting up to 500 Kg per week.

The purchase of this roaster represents a significant investment that will allow us to control every aspect of the roasting process.

To that end we spared no expense in purchasing state of the art roasting equipment. This uses a high tech conversion roasting method that flows a stream of hot air through the roasting drum in order to roast the beans.

Hot Air Roasting Method

Our roaster uses a high tech conversion roasting method that flows a stream of hot air through the roasting drum in order to roast the beans. This provides a continual flow of hot air to surround and roast the coffee beans, preventing scorching or burning and providing a more evenly roasted bean.

Rotating Hot Air Drum

While being roasted, the movement of the coffee beans within a rotating drum encourages a much more evenly roasted bean and prevents the risk of burning when the beans are left to sit still using a direct heating method.

Computerised Control

Each coffee blend has a different roasting profile. Our roaster allows us to program and control the heat and temperature, the drum rotation, the air circulation, the roasting air flow, the roasting time and the cooling time. Such control results in perfectly roasted coffee beans every time.

Coffee Perfection

Through the state of the art coffee roaster, Sirius Coffee International ultimately achieves a consistent coloured and perfect blend of coffee which we distribute to our cafes, restaurants, coffee carts and coffee connoisseurs throughout Australia and now internationally.

Roasting Schedule

Sirius Coffee International roasts regularly throughout the week with the main roasting sessions being Monday and Thursday. This way we are able to ensure that our coffee is always fresh and roasted on demand. This is why we stand by our Freshness Guarantee.



Sirius Coffee Supporting Your Business

Sirius Coffee supports your business via our vast range of products including coffee accessories, coffee capsules, coffee machines (both domestic and commercial), coffee grinders (both domestic and commercial), percolators, take away cups and our range of coffee beans (whole bean or grounded).

Sirius Coffee offers a comprehensive  range of services to support your business. From the outset Sirius Coffee are involved from the initial set-up of all equipment needed, through to weekly orders and even leasing arrangements.

Please contact us by entering your details here and we would be happy to discuss how Sirius Coffee can support your business.


Size: + Shipping Chart