Nepalese Kathmandu Valley USDA, EU & Fair Trade Certified Organic Green Beans


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A fine specialty coffee bean that is: Arabica, 100% organic USDA & EU & Fair Trade, single origin and shade grown.

These beans grow in the Kathmandu Valley region of Nepal and combined with the ideal growing conditions and soils Nepal produces a superior specialty graded quality in taste and smoothness in the cup.

The SCA cupping score indicates further the quality of the bean and is supported by comments including a vibrant, neutral, smooth, very sweet and clean flavour.

Additional Information

Partnership with Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd

Sirius Coffee International is ecstatic to partner with Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd. They are an importer of specialty graded Arabica coffee beans who supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters as well as roasted beans to cafes, hotels and individuals Australia wide.

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd are not only an importer however, as they have strong farming ties in Nepal with coffee estates that have been farming for over 20 years and we are even setting up a joint venture in Nepal to help other small farmers achieve the same success.

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd are fairer than the fair trade symbol you see everywhere today. They pride themselves on being 100% organic and supplying fully traceable and transparent beans, with a focus on sustainability for the farmer throughout the whole crop to cup process.

Together with the support of local Nepalese people, the result is a fine quality Arabica coffee bean which is carefully grown, cultivated, harvested, sorted and packed with smiles.

Happy Farmer Organics

Coffee Estate in Kathmandu

This estate is a new micro lot owned by farmers Ranjan Bhandari and Heath Titley, CEO of Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd. It is placed on three hectares of prime Himalayan soil in the region of Kuringhat surrounded by local farming communities and also situated close by the Trishuli River, mid-way between the Chitwan National Park and Pokhara in the famous Kathmandu Valley.

The micro lot itself is placed at approximately 1250-1300m above sea level just below the sub-humid dry temperate areas in the inter Himalaya region, on land which also grows other exotic fruits such as mango, plum, blueberry and persimmon. The land has an array of taller leafier trees creating excellent shade growing conditions for these caturra coffee beans.

Country – Nepal
Type – Caturra varietal 100%
Region – Battar bazaar nuwakot
Owner – Uljal Rana
Altitude – 3000 ft
Processing – Hand washed & sorted
Harvest – Feb-Apr
SCA specialty score – 83.1


This is available in:

  • 250 Grams Raw Green Beans ($8.00)
  • 500 Grams Raw Green Beans ($16.00)
  • 1 Kg Raw Green Beans ($30.00)
  • 2 Kg Raw Green Beans ($60.00)
  • 5 Kg Raw Green Beans ($150.00)
  • 10 Kg Raw Green Beans ($300.00)
  • 20 Kg Raw Green Beans ($600.00)
  • 30 Kg Raw Green Beans ($900.00)
  • 40 Kg Raw Green Beans ($1200.00)
  • 50 Kg Raw Green Beans ($1500.00)

100% Organic Coffee Certified by USDA & EU

Proudly 100% organic coffee certified by the USDA & EU. No nasty chemicals. All beans are hand picked, washed in Himalayan snow melt water and sorted. The Single Origin Arabica coffee direct from the farmer to you is also specialty coffee graded by the SCA association.



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Size: + Shipping Chart