Red Barista Pack

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This Red Barista Pack is filled with all the essentials to get you started. This includes the following

* Red Home Knock Bin

* 58mm Pop Red Coffee Tamper

* Red Lava 600ml Milk Jug

* Red Splat Tamping Mat

Red Home Knock Box

The Home Knock Box  has a distinctive square design, it features 1 solid knock bar and a silicone ring on the bottom preventing it from moving around and also helps to reduce noise.

Pop Red Coffee Tamper

Made in Germany, the Pop Tamper is ergonomically designed for repetitive use. The Red powder coated aluminium handle is incorporated in a way that it fits your hand comfortably. Tamper includes a 58mm Flat Base.

Red Lava Milk Jug

The Red Lava milk jug is sleek in style and functional in use, our jugs will have you covered at your home and/or café. This new generation of ‘Non Stick Coloured Milk Jugs’ combines good looks with durability and practically. Makes for effortless pouring and latte art.

Note: Sharp/Coarse metal objects like steam wands, milk thermometer clips and harsh surfaces may scratch the coating

Red Splat Tamping Mat

This is the smallest of the Cafelat tamping mats and is made from the same durable rubber as the others. It also features a small overhang if you want to tamp on the corner edge.


There is no warranty covered by Sirius Coffee for purchasing of this item.


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Regular Price: $165.85

Sale Price : $149.90

Size: + Shipping Chart