Expobar Commercial Espresso Maker

Making Espresso and the Expobar Commercial Espresso Maker

The making of espresso requires, above all, an adequate machine. Espresso is a highly-concentrated coffee drink that has become very popular in recent years. Espresso was embraced by Italy’s communist government years ago, as an attempt to shorten the world-renowned Italian coffee break. Espresso, although tasty, is anything but efficient. However, for coffee aficionados, espresso-making offers the perfect hobby—most of the allure being the making of it as opposed to the drinking of it.

Espresso is a strong-tasting beverage that can be produced very quickly using a high-pressure extraction method. Significant flavour differences are the result of variations in grind fineness, water pressure, and timing. Espresso creators look at the fineness of the grind, the taste, and the amount of foam when deciding if an espresso drink is adequate or not. The drink should taste fresh and tangy with a hint of bitterness. The foam at the top, or crema, is the crowning jewel of espresso and gives it a creamy texture and taste.


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