Sirius Coffee – Nepalese Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules


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Sirius Coffee International is ecstatic to introduce ‘The Nepalese’, our latest arrival of Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules . *

Sirius Coffee International obtain the finest exotic blends of 100% Arabica coffee beans to produce a truly special coffee.

We source only USDA Certified Caturra Arabica coffee beans, which are grown at 4000 Ft in the Kathmandu Valley.

These beans are hand sorted and washed by the Nepalese farmers in the Himalayan snow melt water.

Our experienced roaster roasts to perfection and grinds into a concentrate. It’s then precision packed and heat sealed in our Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsules.  Ten capsules are packed into individual boxes and shrink wrapped to preserve ultimate freshness.

The end result is a Nespresso® Compatible Coffee Capsule which is smooth with a floral bouquet overtone.  A seamless coffee will satisfy the fussiest of any ‘Sirius’ coffee drinker.

The following are the tasting notes from our experienced roasters:

  • Intensity (5 / 10)
  • Medium strength and soft
  • Smooth
  • Floral bouquet
  • Good acidity

Why use Sirius Coffee Nespresso® Compatible Capsules?

Enjoy our freshly roasted coffee in your Nespresso® machine and save money.  Simply pop ‘The Nepalese’ capsule into your Nespresso® coffee machine and enjoy fresh coffee right away. There is no need to refill or touch the coffee – no mess and no fuss.

Sirius Coffee capsules are Nespresso® Compatible, recyclable and roasted freshly in Australia. We are an Australian Owned and Operated Company investing in Australia.

  • Would you like to support a local Australian coffee roaster?
  • Would you like a fresher and tastier coffee from your Nespresso® machine?
  • Would you like the opportunity to purchase delicious and full flavour coffee capsules?
  • Would you like organic coffee from your Nespresso® machine?

Our Sirius Coffee capsules for Nespresso® are compatible with all Nespresso® machines including:

  • Pixi,
  • Lattissima,
  • Inissia,
  • Maestria,
  • Essenza,
  • Le Cube,
  • Maistria,
  • U and Citz.



Sirius Coffee Supporting Your Business

Sirius Coffee supports your business via our vast range of products including coffee accessories, coffee capsules, coffee machines (both domestic and commercial), coffee grinders (both domestic and commercial), percolators, take away cups and our range of coffee beans (whole bean or grounded).

Sirius Coffee offers a comprehensive  range of services to support your business. From the outset Sirius Coffee are involved from the initial set-up of all equipment needed, through to weekly orders and even leasing arrangements.

Please contact us by entering your details here and we would be happy to discuss how Sirius Coffee can support your business.


Size: + Shipping Chart